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【Name】Diethyl oxalate
【Product details】

Alias:Ethyl oxalate; Oxalic acid diethyl ester; diethyl ethanedioate
CAS RN:95-92-1
Molecular formula:C6H10O4
Molecular weight:146.1412
Quality standard
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Single impurity﹤0.1%
Main uses
1. The product is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry. It functions as intermediate for Phenobarbital, azathioprine, sulfadoxine, thiabendazole, and other drugs, as intermediate for plastic accelerator and dyestuff, as solvent forcellulose ester and spice, and as raw material for dyestuff, drug, and spice.
2. The product is commonly used as substrate for nucleophilic reagents.
3. As solvent and dye intermediate. In synthesizing paint and drug.
Properties and stability
1.Stability: stable
2.Banned agents: acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, strong reducing agents, and water
3.Avoid contacting with: heat
Notes: keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Separate from fire and heat sources. Separate from oxidants, reducing agents, acids, alkalis, and edible chemicals. Corresponding fire control devices are required.


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